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To schedule an appointment

Please feel free to call and fix an appointment, reach us at : +49 157-7536-7424. Sometimes due to client load or call load, if a call is unanswered, we will definitely call you back at earliest possible.

Best way to finalize an appointment is to send us a short email (our id: info@psychologyservices.de) about the issues and your phone number. One of our thrapist will reply to you through phone call or email.  

Hours of Operation : 10.00 am- 6.00 pm, Monday to Friday. No appointments on national holidays.

How it works : First session in generally a case history session and we discuss about the problems, required psychological- testing if any, the possible course of treatment and role of the therapist in helping the client. After that the biweekly, weekly or bi-monthly appointments are fixed. Frequency and number of required sessions are dependent on each individual case.


By Car: We are on 99 Am Wallgraben, on 4rd floor. Room no. 4.00-4.01

By S-Bahn: S1, S2, S3 come upto Vaihingen Bahnhof.  Straße Bahn, (U-Bahn) U1 also comes to Vaihingen Bahnhof. From there it’s approximately 10 min of walk to reach us. 

By U-Bahn: U3, U8 and U12 come to 'Wallgraben' U-Bahn station, From there it’s just a 2 minute walk to us. 

IN THE BUILDING:  Take the lift, come to 4th floor, take a left turn and look for room no. 4.00-4.01. Welcome!


(Our services are free of VAT under  Rule 4 No. 14 of VAT Law; Umsatzsteuerfrei nach § 4 Nr. 14 UStG)

Per individual session (50 minutes) - 100 Euro

Per couple session (80 minutes) - 150 Euro 

Group Session (90 minutes) - 60 Euro per person 

The charges for individual counselling or psychotherapy sessions may vary and may rise upto 120.00 Euro  euro per visit/ per session in case of complicated issues. 

Cognitive-skill training sessions for children and adults- Varies according to the problem and intensity of training needed. It may range between, €60.00 to €120.00 per session and to €300.00-€1000.00  per month, depending upon the individual case.

Rates for Diagnostic Testing may range between €100.00- €3000.00 for entire testing procedure, depending upon the problem and need of the individual.

Rates for skype counseling session are same as the regular session.

INSURANCE: Our services are

  • Reimbursable by most private German insurances
  • Reimbursable by most international and American insurances
  • NOT covered through any German government  insurance (such as AOK, TK, BKK, DKK, hKK etc.)


We DON'T DO direct billing, i.e. you make the payments and receive reimbursement from your insurance as per thier process. 


In any case- Please contact your provider for their policies before the start of your treatment. We don't do direct billing,and you are liable to pay for your services, and possible reimbursement from your insurance.

However, we would be glad to support you in the process. 

FOR INDUSTRY: The charges depend upon the group size, time required for the workshop or group-trainings. It may vary between 500-5000 Euro depending upon the requirements. 

Payments are due at the beginning of/ right after each session, can be paid in advance through bank transfer after finalizing the appointment or in cash at the time of meeting.


Dr. Parul Cedilnik, Clinical Psychologist 
Am Wallgraben 99, 4th Floor, 70565 Stuttgart- Vaihingen. Room no. 4.00/4.01
Tel:      +49 (0) 711 16015219, +49 (0) 157 7536-7424

Email:  info@psychologyservices.de, pcedilnik@psychologyservices.de