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for English speaking children and adults


Diagnostic Testing: IQ Testing, Personality Testing, Psycho-Diagnostic Testing for children and adults, Testing for dysfunctional behaviors,  Emotional problems, Aptitude etc.

Cognitive-Behavioral Skill Training for educational-behavioral problems such as: ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), LD (Learning Disability / Dyslexia), Autism, Mental Retardation etc.

Cognitive-Behavioral Skill Training is one of our focus areas of services. We provide highly specialized extensive brain training for children with ADHD so they can focus better, can concentrate, can reduce the impulsive and hyperactive behaviors, can have better cognitive-executive functioning and do better in academics. We work with computerized and manual programs to increase selective and sustained visual and auditory attention span. Behavior Modification techniques are used simultaneously with the support of child, parents and sometimes teachers as well. We do provide the training to parents so they can continue some parts of the training program at home on their own. Techniques such as social stories for children with behavioral problems and with autism spectrum disorder are taught to parents to deal with tough situations at home. In some cases, even educational support is also provided to the children with ADHD, LD and Autism spectrum disorder.

Counseling and Behavior Modification Training for emotional problems such as: Childhood Depression, Childhood Anxiety, Anger and Defiance, Adjustment Problems in School

Remedial and Special Educational Support : afterschool special educational support for children with special needs such as ADHD, Learning Disability, Slow Learning Abilities etc.

Home-based Remedial Educational Programming: Promamming given to the parents to follow through with the child at home and meet weekly or bi-monthly basis. 

Parent Counseling and Parent Training


Diagnostic Testing: Testing for clinical, emotional and social problems. Assessment for Adult ADHD, Adult Autism Spectrum Related issues, Adult Learning Disabilities, Personality Testing, Aptitude Testing, Assessment for PTSD, Complex PTSD, Assessment for other long term trauma and abuse related issues, .

Counseling and Therapeutic Services are provided for following issues: Depression, Anxiety, Anger Management, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Self Esteem Issues, Cultural-adjustment Issues, Stress Related Health Problems, Long Term Emotional/Personality Issues etc. 

In special cases, Skype Counseling sessions for Adults are also available


Call it Psychotherapy for day-to-day life! Several times there are no psychological disorders, but we still feel not-too-confident, get stressed easily, don’t know how to lead the group, how to work efficiently.. We get easily irritated or have anxiety while presentations.. All such minor issues affect the entire well-being. Help for these issues are available in the form of workshop at the premises of the group or for individuals our premises. We provide group and individual training to be more rational, to be able to change the thinking pattern and to analyze and change one’s own dysfunctional-belief system

Workshops and Individual coaching is available for issues such as: Leadership Skills, Communication Skills, Assertive Skills, Persuasive Skills, Anger issues etc..


Dr. Parul Cedilnik, Clinical Psychologist 
Stadtgraben Strasse 2, First Floor, 71032 Böblingen
Tel:     +49 (0) 157 7536-7424
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